Creating a PDF for Canvas Submissions

If you do not have a printer/scanner available to you, you will need to use an app or other method to turn captured images into a single PDF file. Submitting straight images in Canvas is cumbersome, not only for you, but for whoever will be grading and giving feedback on your work. 

Mobile Device/Tablet Apps

Dartmouth Canvas Support recommends the following free mobile/tablet apps to create a PDF from captured images:

Other Methods

If you do not have a mobile/tablet device to use, you can:

  • Take a picture with a digital camera (in portrait orientation so it makes a taller, not wider, image) and then insert your pictures into a Word doc or Google doc, as big as they will fit on 1 page. Then export, print, or save as a PDF.
  • You might be able to take a picture with your webcam, if the resolution is high enough.
  • If you do not have any imaging capabilities, please email your instructor ASAP for assistance.


How to Submit in Canvas

If you are using a mobile/tablet app, you will need to get the PDF file off of your device and onto your computer in order to upload to Canvas. In Scannable and Genius Scan you have the option of "sharing" or saving the file in different locations. It might be easiest to share/export to Google Drive or Dropbox, which means that you will need those apps on your device. Else, you can use your mobile/tablet feature of emailing the file to yourself, then downloading it from your computer.

When in your Canvas course, navigate to your assignment and click Submit to upload the file and complete the submission. Use this guide if you need help (Links to an external site.).

Need help?

Did you know that you have 24x7 live help available to you in Canvas? Please click on the (?) Help icon on the left green sidebar of Canvas! You can Chat with Canvas Support (Student) or use the Hotline number.

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