Dorm Room Network Connections

Most dorm rooms at Dartmouth have white boxes mounted on a wall to provide WiFi and Wired network connections.  The look like the following picture:

(Not all dorm rooms have these installed.  If this is the case in your room, there should be a wired Ethernet jack on the wall instead for your use.  WiFi will be provided to your room by equipment located in rooms adjacent to yours.)


On the bottom of the white box are Ethernet jacks for your use.

They are labelled:



The ETH1/PSE jack provides both Ethernet Data and Power over Ethernet.  If you are connecting a VoIP phone, it should be connected here.  You may connect non-PoE devices to this jack as well.  Power will not be provided to the jack unless the connected device is designed to accept it.

The ETH2 and ETH3 jacks provide Ethernet Data only.

Not all dorm buildings can have the PASS THRU jack activated.  If you need a 4th jack in your room and the PASS THRU jack is not working, please open a ticket with the Service Desk to find out if it can be activated for you.  This jack can also provide PoE power if available.



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