How do I change my microphone and speaker settings? (Windows)

If you are having issues with a new microphone and headset you can change those in the Windows Sound section of the Settings app

There are many ways to access this.

  • In the bottom left, Click the Windows Icon and then on the gear icon (above the power icon). This will open the Windows Settings main menu. From there select System and then Sound from the menu om the left.

  • In your Windows search (also bottom left) type in 'Sound Settings'. You will see the Sound settings option come up in your search results. Select it and the Sound section will launch.

  • In the bottom right of your Windows Taskbar you will see several icons in the System Tray. One of them is a small speaker. Right click on it and then select 'Open Sound Settings'. 

Setting your desired devices

Once you have Sound Settings open you will see sections for Output (Speakers/Headphone) options as well as an Input (Microphone) Section. 

Use the drop downs for both Output and Input sections to select your desired default device. If you use custom applications like (Zoom or GoToConnect) you should check to make sure each application is using your desired inputs and outputs as well.


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