Logging into Gmail

A direct link to log into Dartmouth's Gmail is: https://gmail.dartmouth.edu/. There are several other ways to open your mailbox, such as:

  • From another GSuite app, use the waffle icon in the top right.

  • From https://www.gmail.com/ log in. If you're already logged in with another account, you can change to your Dartmouth account with the pull down in the top right.



  • You can optionally use Google Calendar if you wish, but you will need to use Office 365 for calendaring with Dartmouth faculty and staff or when booking rooms. See Using Gmail for Email and Office 365 for Calendar for instructions.
  • Google highlights important security information regarding messages you've received in the native Gmail interface (via your web browser) or the official Google Gmail app on your mobile devices. Since this security information will not be available in 3rd party email clients (Mac Mail, Outlook, etc), we strongly recommend users access their email via Google's official site or tools.


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