NMR Nuts software via Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

NMR Nuts software via Remote Desktop Services (Anasazi NMR Spectrometer)

NMR Nuts.exe via Remote Desktop Services (RDS):  

  1. Confirm or download Microsoft Remote Desktop application  
    1. Mac Users:  download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Apple App store,
    2. Windows Users:  the application is generally pre-installed.  It is called 'Remote Desktop Connection'.
  2. Make sure you have a wifi connection, and a VPN connection to Dartmouth College.  See https://services.dartmouth.edu/TDClient/1806/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=66806 for more details. 
  3. Make sure the installation of Microsoft Remote Desktop is complete. 
  4. Close the remote desktop application.
  5. Point a web browser, Google Chrome is recommended, to https://rds.dartmouth.edu/ and sign in by typing your Dartmouth NetID and password.  
  6. Click on the NMR Nuts icon.  This will download a small file cpub-nuts-Nuts_NMR_Resear-CmsRdsh.rdp, which should appear in Google Chrome's download tray. 
  7. Single-click the cpub-nuts-Nuts_NMR_Resear-CmsRdsh.rdp file from the download tray.      
  8. In the sign-in screen that comes up, enter your NetID@kiewit.dartmouth.edu and your NetID password.  
  9. Within a few seconds, the NMR Nuts application should launch from the remote session.Click "OK" to get started with the NMR Nuts application: 
  10. Additional notes: 
    1. DartFS storage can be used with this machine to save files.  The machine itself does not have much local storage.  If you don't have DartFS storage yet, you can request it here using the "Request An Account" button at the top: http://rc.dartmouth.edu
    2. To connect to DartFS storage, click the software's  "File" menu, choose "Open".  In the pop-up box, in the 'folder' text box, enter your dartfs storage string, which will be of the form \\dartfs-hpc.dartmouth.edu\rc\home\<<last digit of NetID>> \<<NetID>> (for example: \\dartfs-hpc.dartmouth.edu\rc\home\9\f003d69  )
    3. If you find the machine too slow, or if your session ends unexpectedly, please visit services.dartmouth.edu and either mention this application and rds.dartmouth.edu or copy the title of this Services document in to the message.


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