Embed/capture SSO login information in a Qualtrics survey

You can capture information provided by SSO when logging in using a Dartmouth NetID. This information includes:

  • first name
  • last name
  • NetID
  • email address

You may capture as many of these field as you need. This will restrict participation to the active Dartmouth communitity who has a valid NetID and password.

To caputre this information as survey responses:

  1. Log into our Dartmouth brand institutional Qualtrics instance at https://dartmouth.qualtrics.com
  2. Choose the project/survey or create a new one
  3. Under the "Survey" tab
  4. Choose "Survey Flow"
  5. Click on "+ Add a New Element Here"
  6. Choose "Authenticator" - usually, this Element should be the first in the Survey Flow
  7. For "Authentication Type", select "SSO"
  8. Uncheck "Associate responent With Panel"
  9. Check "Capture respondent identifying info"
    1. Add as many of the following fields as needed by clicking "Add Empbedded Data":
      Embedded Data to Set... Field From SSO
      firstname urn:oid:
      lastname urn:oid:
      netid urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1
      email urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3
      affiliation urn:oid:
      department urn:oid:
      accountname urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1
      canonicalname urn:oid:

      See screen capture below.
      Note that all these variable will be available as "embedded text" in the rest of the survey, if this Element is first. These embedded text variable can be referred to as follows:


  10. Select "SSO Type" as "Shibboleth"
  11. Click on "+ Add a New Element Here"
  12. Select "Embedded Data"
  13. Add fields and set the "Create New Field or Choose from Dropdown..." to the same variable names (eg. firstname, lastname, netid, email) in order to capture the variable as survey question reponses. See example below.


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