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The ITC Information Security Office is actively working to identify and respond to security and privacy concerns arising from our new remote teaching, learning and working environments.  Please bookmark this page, or click the Add to Favorites button on the right, and check back often.  This page will be updated with new information and guidance on how to protect your privacy and data during these challenging circumstances.

If you have any immediate concerns or questions that are not addressed below, please email, or call Sean McNamara, Sr. Director of Information Security at 603-646-0611.

Table of Contents

General Security Recommendations for Remote Teaching, Learning, and Working

Zoom Security and Privacy

  • Zoom has become a critical tool that allows us to deliver classes and continue to collaborate remotely. Naturally, there are concerns around privacy and security. The following article addresses a number of these concerns and provides recommendations you can follow to use Zoom as effectively and securely as possible.
  • Zoom Security Recommendations

Phishing and Spam

  • Cyber attackers often use high profile events such as this pandemic as an opportunity to perpetrate scams and other forms of fraud. As always, we ask that you think twice before you click a link or open an attachment. If something does not feel right, it probably isn’t. Please see below for more information and examples of scam messages to help you know what to look for before opening a message.
  • Click here to learn more about Phishing Scams.


  • We are in the process of deploying a new anti-virus platform that will improve our ability to prevent threats from causing harm to your computer and data. Please check back soon, as additional information regarding this service will be made available shortly.


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