Online Meeting Etiquette

Tips for mastering the online meeting experience

  • Consider your lighting source
    • Position your light source behind your video camera so the light is coming from in front of you, otherwise you will be backlit.
    • Remember that sunlight through windows, and, overhead lighting can cause glare.
    • Using a ring light or monitor light can provide more even lighting.
  • Limit background noise
    • If you have a door, close it.
    • Use a headset with a microphone.
    • Mute application notifications and inbound calls on your virtual phone.
    • Mute your microphone when not speaking.
  • Focus on the meeting
    • Refrain from multitasking.
    • Try not to peek at your email.
    • If you receive an urgent message during the meeting, you can use the chat feature to alert attendees that you need to step away.
  • Be prepared
    • If you are leading an online meeting, distribute an agenda before the meeting.
    • If you are a meeting attendee, review the agenda before the meeting.
    • Log in to the meeting ahead of time to get set up.
  • Be professional
    • Use the video option.
    • Avoid distracting backdrops like cluttered rooms or piles of dirty laundry.
    • Use the Raise Hand tool to alert the meeting host that you would like to speak.
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