ITC Guidelines for Remote Planning

Requests for loaners and other equipment in support of remote working will be managed through a departmental point person.  ITC will evaluate the request against other demands across the institution for prioritizing existing inventory and order additional equipment as needed.
Have your departmental point person REQUEST EQUIPMENT HERE and ITC will follow up with confirming orders.

Departmental Readiness for Remote Working

Table of Contents

Employee self-check to verify remote readiness

  • Hardware
    • Does the computer turn on, boot up to a usable log in profile, is there a suitable power adapter?
    • Can it connect to an off-campus network-wired or wireless?
    • Do you have the ability to print or scan using a device not on campus if necessary?
  • Software
    • Check to have essential basic software - Global Protect VPN, Multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer), Office Suite for business productivity, pdf viewer or editor, Zoom client, document storage solution (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive).
    • Check to have department proprietary software - Is there special software needed to do essential work? Do you need to be on the Dartmouth network to run this software (VPN required off-campus)?
  • Duo 2-Factor authentication
    • Do you have multiple devices set up for 2 factor authentication? Is your office desk phone set up to be the only 2nd factor device?
      • Home landlines can be set up to be the Duo 2nd factor device.
      • Duo Mobile can be installed on phones and ipads and can generate passcodes in addition to receiving push notifications.
      • A hardware token that generates passcodes can be obtained prior to going off campus.
      • A limited time bypass code can be setup by the service desk and used.

Departmental equipment needs

  • Critical processes only - these processes should be identified by the Department leadership and communicated to business and administrative staff.
  • What equipment is needed in support of the critical processes - determine who has a computer that can be used to work from a location not on campus.  Are there situations where a mobile or table will suffice (only need access to basic things like email, cloud storage)?
  • Then determine who needs a Dartmouth supplied computer to work remotely that does not have one.  Is there a requirement to use a Windows or Mac?  Is there additional essential equipment needed to do the work - display, adapters, dock, keyboard or mice, printing or scanning needs?
  • Process to request departmental equipment needed to continue critical business process
    • You should have a departmental point person to make the request for the department.  This person should be versed in what is needed for critical processes for your business continuity.
    • Use the Services Portal to make equipment requests.  Requests made in any other method will be directed back to use the portal. 
    • What is considered critical
      • The necessary tasks that enable the business to function in its core processes.
      • Workarounds to non-essential processes should be considered.
      • Time delays to non-essential processes should be considered.

Emphasis on Self-Service

  • Use the knowledge base to find answers to the technology questions you may have.
  • Search Google, or go to to search on keywords to find knowledge articles.
  • Submit a ticket if you need additional technology assistance. Requests for assistance made in any other method (email or phone calls to individuals) will be directed back to submit a ticket.
  • Use our service desk partner Vitalyst for common account, access, and Duo issues by calling 603-646-2999.  Press 3 at the prompt during business hours.  Evenings and weekends the call will connect directly to Vitalyst.

Power User Network

  • If you feel you have individuals in your department who can champion the essential technologies, please indicate these individuals and we will schedule an orientation to make sure they are equipped to provide this support internally.

Managing Expectations

  • Allow for lead time with ITC - planning in advance helps us to help you.  ITC may not be in a position to provide support on demand and will need to focus on prioritizing our work in support of the Academic Mission of Dartmouth.
  • Submit a request ticket - to help us to prioritize, use the services portal at to submit requests or report problems.  Please provide as much detail as possible in the request including how best to be in touch with you.  This may be a change from how you have contacted us in the past but will ultimately result in better service to you.


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