Search Tips for the Dartmouth Services Portal

The Dartmouth Services Portal provides different ways to help you quickly find what you're looking for. 

Search Options

  • Google or other search engines
  • The global search found in the upper right corner of the window which provides a global search that can span across the catalog of services and knowledge base articles or select from the dropdown to search either Knowledge Base or Services. 
  • From within the Knowledge Base or Services, the Search box in the sub-navigation bar that appears. Using this search will only search articles in the Knowledge Base or Services, respectively. 

Search Tips

The Dartmouth Services Portal is optimized for searching.  You use keywords to search by and the results will list any articles or services that have that keyword in the title or body of the page as well as have that keyword as a tag for the page.  Below are a couple tips to help with your searching.

  • Search Specific Modules - It is faster to search in articles by using the Knowledge Base search and services by using the Services search when you know that you want one or the other.
  • Search by Number or Exact Phrase - If you're looking for a number or an exact phrase, use quotations around those search terms (e.g. "365" or "eduroam wireless network"). The quotations make the search look for articles that have those numbers or that exact phrase. Without the quotation marks, numbers aren't respected as a phrase to search on.  And without quotations, multiple keywords searches will return all articles with any of the keywords instead articles with all the words in the correct order.
  • Search by Common Tags - The search boxes allow you to quickly jump to the most commonly used tags by starting with a hashtag (#).

If you cannot find the information you need, try adjusting the tags or keywords you are using in your search.


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