Oracle Database Maintenance/Clone Page

Changes to the schedules below will be communicated via the email distribution list and Slack for ITC staff members.

Oracle Developers Slack Channel (ITC Staff Use Only)

Oracle Patching Events

Environment Event Date
Non-Production Databases Monthly Patching  2nd Thursday after the 2nd Tuesday of each month (7:00-10:00 AM)
Production Databases Monthly Patching Thursday of the following week after non-production patching (4:00-7:00 AM)

Pre-production Environment Cloning

Pre-production databases will be cloned on a quarterly basis.  Please note the quarterly schedule follows the financial calendar.

  • IRON
Environment Event Date
Pre-production FY20 Q3 Clone 1/3/2020
Pre-production FY20 Q4 Clone 4/13/2020
Pre-production FY21 Q1 Clone 7/6/2020
Pre-production FY21 Q2 Clone 10/5/2020
Pre-production FY21 Q3 Clone 1/4/2021
Pre-production FY21 Q4 Clone 4/5/2021

Development Environment Cloning

Development databases will be cloned on a semi-annual basis.  Please note the semi-annual schedule follows the financial calendar.

  • ZINC
Environment Event Date
Development FY20 Winter Clone 2/13/2020
Development FY21 Summer Clone 7/20/2020
Development FY21 Winter Clone TBD
Development FY22 Summer Clone TBD


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