How does the CSGold People feed work?

This KB documents the feed of people information to the CSGold System


The people feed uses the Dartmouth API integration site to find information about all Dartmouth identities.  This includes IDM affiliations of 'Faculty','Staff','ExEmployee','Student', 'Alum', 'Affiliate', 'Member'.

The primary affiliation of the person is used to determine authoritative source of data.  Student data is sourced from Banner, Employee from HRMS.  Alumni, Affiliate and Member are sourced from Identity Management.  A future enhancement may source Alumni data directly from Advance.

Population: The feed only operates on Student affiliated identities or people with an existing CSGold account. Department Accounts are not loaded. High School students are not loaded.

Frequency: The feed is executed every 15 minutes.

Confidentiality Handling: Confidential identities are loaded to CSGold and are flagged appropriately in the application interface.

Update Strategy: Compare source to target and update only if changed. If there are data changes, but only update an already deactivated record then no update is applied. A special "inhibit_auto_update" flag can be set by CSGold admins which blocks any updates of an existing patron record.


Triggering Changes

The people feed uses incremental changes to people to trigger loading of records. Any change in a person's IDM, Banner or HRMS record will trigger creation or updating of the person. For example new hires, department changes, and terminations will be picked up by the feed. New students, students transitioning to Alum will also trigger an update to the record.

Student Handling

  • New students are fed as soon as they are available. 
  • The feed will lookup the current student status and class.
  • All new students will receive default meal plan codes of 40,41.
  • Tuck students get an additional plan code of 36. 
  • UG students receive an additional plan code of 31. 
  • As graduated students transition to Alumni, their patron account is deactivated.
  • When students go Inactive during off terms, their accounts are deactivated, on return they are reactivated.

Employees/CSGold Patrons

  • New employees are not fed to CSGold.
  • Existing employees or Dartmouth affiliated people with existing patron accounts are examined for changes.  For example employees who change departments will update the local_deptclass field with new department information.
  • The IDM account status is examined to determine whether the patron account should be active or deactivated.
  • Employees who transition to ExEmployee will be deactivated.

Field definitions

Field definition matrix
CSGold Field Source Notes
dcad_flag If primary affiliation is Student and student is an an active status, then this flag is set.  
grad_student_flag If primary affiliation is student and the student is in school GR, TH, TU, or DM then this flag is set.  
active_value See above for activation logic.  
birth_date only birth dates for UG students currently populated. Birth dates for other populations are not available due to data governance.  
des_cd_gender_pers only UG students have gender populated and are sourced from legal_sex_id  
dartid only new records are assigned a dartid which is derived from the netid. dartid is a deprecated identifier and is not available in the Dartmouth API
local_deptclass for students this is the school_id (level code), for employees this is the the home_department  
classification for students this is class_year/student_status_id, for employees this is set to Employee  
dbd_email persons primary email from IDM  
local_barcode persons barcode from IDM  
local_netid persons netid  
val_nam_first legal first name  
val_nam_last legal last name  
val_nam_middle legal middle name  
val_univ_id persons dartcardid from IDM  
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