GlobalProtect VPN internal networking conflict

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This article is helpful in resolving a specific GlobalProtect VPN connection failure.

When a remote user connects to the Dartmouth network with GlobalProtect, the computer will be assigned an IP address from the VPN gateway. It is possible that this IP address overlaps the subnet that the workstation is already in, which will cause a conflict.

For example: A remote employee is connecting from a hotel room where the IP address received locally is in the range. The IP pool available for GlobalProtect clients is This will cause issues since the client IP pool is part of the local subnet that the client is connecting from. When this happens an error is generated in GlobalProtect: "Assign Private IP address failed".

To work around this issue you can connect to a different network that is not using IP addresses that overlap with Dartmouth's internal networks.  Alternatively, if you need general Dartmouth network access but not access to a specific VPN group, you can change your VPN gateway to  This will let you get an IP address that starts with and is guaranteed to not overlap your local network's IP addressing.  After you are done, you should change your VPN gateway back to


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