No Internet Access when connected to Dartmouth Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The most common cause of no internet access, when connected to Dartmouth’s VPN is the presence of an anti-malware or third-party antivirus utility running on the Windows OS.

If you attempt to connect using a personal computer, there may be antivirus software installed that is disabling the internet connection. To rectify the issue, be sure to disable or completely remove third-party antivirus software.

If your machine has Malwarebytes, or some other anti-malware utility installed, you must either disable the service by exiting the program, which you will need to remember to do each time you start a VPN connection, or remove the program altogether.

We have had several occurrences of third-party programs conflicting with network access when using Dartmouth’s VPN software. Our recommendation is to remove any software installed to scan a device for problems. If you have recurring problems, the software can be downloaded, installed, run, and removed so to not create future connectivity issues.


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Thu 11/8/18 11:06 AM
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