Share a Knowledge Base Article

To share a knowledge base article with colleagues, click Share found on the right side of the article. You must be logged into the Dartmouth Services Portal to see this button.

When you click Share, you will be prompted to enter the email addresses of the people to whom you want to send this article. A pre-populated message will appear with the link and the title of the article. You may add additional information if you wish, but don't change the URL or the recipient won't be able to view the article by clicking the link in the email. Click Send.

Note: Depending on the article's level of access, the article may only be visible to people are Dartmouth. In this case, the recipients may be required to log into the Dartmouth Services Portal to view the article.


Article ID: 66450
Thu 11/1/18 10:45 AM
Mon 11/11/19 2:10 PM