Access Dartmouth Online Review and Recruit (DORR)


The Dartmouth Online Review & Recruit system (DORR) is a web-based, hosted system that supports the College’s employment recruiting activities.  It is used by prospective employees to identify and apply for open positions online, and by Dartmouth departments to manage the recruitment process.  For new department users that will need to obtain access to DORR and other Dartmouth Financial Systems, they will need do the following: 

  1. Your supervisor must fill out a Security Access Form  -- being sure to complete the DORR access portion in addition to any additional form sections and submit the form to your Fiscal Officer for approval. Instructions and the form can be found at:
  2. Be sure to complete the Confidentiality Agreement, as well, which must be on file

Once all your paperwork has been submitted to, your approved form will be forwarded to Human Resources to have your DORR account set up with the access requested on the form.  You will be notified directly from HR, once your DORR account is set up. 


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