Setting your initial password for your NetID

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Welcome to Dartmouth!

New students, faculty and staff will receive a personalized welcome email from Dartmouth ITC with instructions on how to set their initial password.


  1. From the welcome email, select the "Let's get started" button.
  2. Next a browser page will open and welcome you with your name and NetID.
  3. Click the green button to "Continue To Set Password".
  4. Enter your new password. You will be required to enter it twice to verify it.
  5. Select the Set Password button.
  6. You will receive confirmation of the password set and an option to enroll in Duo two-factor authentication.


All current Dartmouth faculty, staff and students have a Dartmouth Account with a corresponding user name (NetID) and password. Your user name (NetID) and password are what identifies you on the Dartmouth network and allows you to authenticate in order to access your email and other systems

Incoming students are issued their Dartmouth NetID in mid-May. An email is sent to the personal email address used during the Dartmouth application process with information about how to setup their Dartmouth account. Students who were accepted in previous years but deferred their attendance have their previous NetID reactivated.

Anyone returning to Dartmouth will have their previous account reactivated and they will use their original NetID. It may be necessary to reset the password that was on the original account.

As a responsible member of the Dartmouth community, it is critical you maintain the security of your account. If someone obtains your user name and password, they can log into systems that do not require an additional authentication step for access as if they were you. If you think someone is using your password or that your account may be compromised, you should update your password immediately.



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