Setting Your Initial Password

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To set an initial password on a new account, users must Claim Your Account.

  1. Enter the information as you are prompted to verify your identity, then click Submit.
  2. You will be prompted to set up a password in accordance with the password rules.
  3. You will be prompted to set four challenge questions for added security on your account.

You will be required to answer the challenge questions to access certain network resources as well as to reset your password, should you forget it.

Note: We recommend you select questions whose answers are only one word, and those that will not change (e.g. favorites may change over time). Answers are not case sensitive, but they are format sensitive. e.g. 12/21/2017 is not the same as December 21, 2017.)


Incoming students are issued their Dartmouth accounts in mid-May. An email is sent to the personal email address used during the Dartmouth application process with information about how to claim your Dartmouth account. Students who were accepted in previous years but deferred their attendance have their previous account reactivated rather than a new account created.

All current faculty, staff, alumni and students of Dartmouth have a Dartmouth Account with a corresponding user name (NetID) and password. Your user name (NetID) and password are what identifies you on the Dartmouth network and allows you to authenticate in order to access your email account and other systems. It is your electronic fingerprint.

Anyone returning to Dartmouth will have their previous account reactivated and will not be sent a reactivation email, they will use their old NetID and password.

As a responsible member of the Dartmouth community, it is critical you maintain the security of your account. If someone obtains your user name and password, they can log into systems that do not require an additional authentication step for access as if they were you. If you think someone is using your password or that your account may be compromised, you should change your password immediately. See Changing your password.



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