Undo Duo's "Remember me for 14 Days" Setting


There is a feature enabled in our Duo instance that is called "Trusted Devices". This allows someone who is at the Duo authentication prompt to check a box labeled "Remember me for 14 days". This will trust the device for Duo authentication for 14 days which means you will not see the Duo authentication prompt until 14 days has passed. This also means you will not be able to choose another device for Duo Authentication nor will be able to manage devices for 14 days.

The Trusted Device feature works through the placement of a browser cookie. If you would like to 'cancel' the device trust:

  1. Clear the browser cookies and cache, and restart the browser.
  2. Reconnect to the VPN using Duo 2 factor authentication.
  3. The Duo Authentication prompt will reappear. Uncheck the box next to Remember me for 14 days and continue the authentication process.



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Tue 10/9/18 12:28 PM
Tue 11/12/19 10:11 AM

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