Article Tags in Drupal

The tag function makes it easy for you to gather articles in one place. It automatically updates the feed as new articles matching that tag come in. While basic pages have a menu structure to give them context, articles need tags to tell your site where they go.

The tag field is located below the article body field.

Be conservative with your tags. Think logically about the subject areas your content falls into.


  • Avoid tags that are likely to apply to only one article; likewise, avoid tags that apply to almost all of them. Also, it is not necessary to tag articles with the name of your department.
  • If a news item mentions a faculty member, tag it with that person’s name (be consistent in how you refer to that person) and also tag it Faculty. If you have a lot of student research, use Student Research as a tag. If you have a lot of alumni stories, Alumni Stories would be a good tag. If you have a yearly foreign study program, use Foreign Study, etc. It may be helpful to keep a list of the tags you have created so that you can stay consistent in how you use them.




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