Frequently Asked Questions about OmniUpdate Support and Accounts


I need some help with OmniUpdate. When are your weekly office hours?

Find our weekly office hours times and locations here.

What kinds of OmniUpdate support do you provide?

OmniUpdate provides information on their website; see OmniUpdate Support & Documentation.

We also have some information available on the Information Technology Services website; see Website Support and Content Management.

I'd like to have our website put into OmniUpdate. Whom do I contact?

Web Publishing Services builds websites for administrative and academic departments and programs on campus.

If your department fits this criteria and you’d like to work with us on developing your website, please review our pre-planning guidelines first; see Developing Your New Website and Project Consulting.

When you have done all the preliminary work, email Help to set up a meeting to discuss your website.

What is the format for my OU login account?

Login to your OmniUpdate account, using your Dartmouth NetID and password.

I need a new OU account created on our website. Whom do I contact?

A formal request for a new OU account  must be sent via email from the person who oversees the website to Help, stating who the new account is for. The user must be a Dartmouth community member in order to get an OU account.

Is there a limit on the number of OU accounts we can have on our website?

There is currently no limit on the number of accounts you can have on your website, but our guideline is to set up accounts that will be used by “active” users, meaning those who will update the website on a regular basis (not just once or twice a year).

Web Publishing Services pays for each account we create, so we want to make sure each account is used regularly.

I haven't updated our website in a long time. When I try using our generic account, it doesn't work. What do I do?

Generic accounts no longer work. If you need an OU account, please have the person who oversees the website submit a formal request via email for a new account to Help..

I’m using another person's OU account to update our website, but I'm having problems logging in. Can you help?

In July 2010, we moved from generic shared licenses to individual licenses for several reasons:

  • It’s easier to remember one login and password.
  • It’s easier to collaborate on a website when you can see who did what.
  • It’s easier to track who should have access to make updates.
  • It’s easier to update access when users leave the College.

One unforeseen and unfortunate consequence of this change is that people are sometimes sharing their logins with others who need or want to log in and make changes, but do not have an account on the website.

It’s never good to share logins, as the consequences of sharing logins are significant, because by doing so you are providing the recipient with access as you to most Dartmouth systems.

If you find yourself in a situation for which the best option seems to be sharing your login, email Help. We can create new accounts, help with web updates, provide additional training, and more. There are many options available without needing to resort to sharing your Dartmouth credentials.


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