Slideshow in Drupal

If you want to add images to an article, the Slideshow option is where you do it. You will find Slideshow on the left, towards the bottom of the page.

The slideshow is a carousel of photos that appear beneath the article's intro. You may have up to five images in a slideshow, and they will initially appear in the order in which you enter them. The image at the top of the list will appear first.

To add an image, click Browse, and select from among the following options:

  • You can upload one from your computer. Select Choose File on the left, get your image, and hit Next. Please note the image requirements below the Upload a new file field.
  • You can choose one from your site’s library.

When you add an image, be sure to add both alt and title text. Think of these fields as a visual description of what’s in the image, like “Professor Albus Dumbledore,” “Students at Quidditch practice,” etc.

Screen readers for the visually impaired use alt and title text, as well as browsers that have images turned off. When searching the web for images, Google looks through alt text to understand the content of an image, and if you have helpful alts and titles, more people can find your site—so it’s important to provide good alt and title text. They’re invisible, but helpful.

The Caption is different from the alt and title because it gives the image context in relation to your site. The caption should be short, no more than two lines of text.

To organize your images.

  • Drag the box by the little cross icon at the box’s left side until it’s where you want it.
  • Above the Image section, on the right, is the “Show row weights” link. If you want to organize your images numerically (with the 0 section being the first image), use that.


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