Accessing Dartmouth Service Portal (TeamDynamix)

Dartmouth Service Portal is a cloud-based system for managing services offered by Information, Technology, and Consulting based upon the TeamDynamix application. Using Dartmouth Service Portal, customers can submit requests for assistance, track the progress of their requests, and search the knowledge base for common solutions or known errors. 

Getting Access

Use your Dartmouth NetID and password to access the Dartmouth Service Portal. There are no special privileges needed to access the base system.

Those customers who need access to more than the base modules within the system should submit a request at specifying which module they need access to and the reason for that enhanced access.

Logging In

Go to

Getting Help

If you are having problems using the Service Portal, please submit a support request at our Services Portal.

System Requirements

Any Web browser should be able to be used to access the Dartmouth Service Portal website.


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