RAPPORT - Electronic Research Administration System


RAPPORT is a suite of web-based research administration systems which enable grant submissions, award management, IRB application processing, management of inventory and ordering for CCMR and management and review of COI disclosures. Researchers at Dartmouth College are the primary users of this application.

Getting Access

To gain access to this system, users must have a NetID and password. In addition, depending on your role within Dartmouth, permissions within RAPPORT will vary. For example, faculty involved in research will be given the role of Principal Investigator, while others, such as research administrators, will be given a different role.  Non-Dartmouth users must request a sponsored account from OSP, CPHS or CCMR in order to access RAPPORT.

Logging In

To log in, go to Rapport.

Getting Help

For questions regarding Grants, contact OSP-IS.
For questions regarding IRB, contact CPHS.
For questions regarding COI, contact the main office at RCOI.
For questions regarding CMR, contact the main office at the Center for Comparative Medicine and Research.


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