Accessing Advance


In order to gain access to the Advance system, users must have privileges assigned within the Advance system.

If you need access to Advance, if you work in the Advancement division, speak with your supervisor; if you do not work in the Advancement division, send email to

Logging in to Advance

  1. Once you have been granted access to Advance, to access the system, open a web browser and go to
    Note: The preferred web browser is Firefox. 
  2. You will see Dartmouth's Web Authentication screen. Enter your NetID, then click Continue.
  3. Enter your Password, then press Enter. If you see "no access" in the upper left corner of the window, you need to contact


Advance is the administrative system that Dartmouth uses to maintain information on alumni, parents and others engaged in the life of the College. It allows the College to identify and cultivate individual and corporate relationships, manage communication information with constituents, record gifts and pledges, and maintain important demographic information on Dartmouth alumni.

Reporting on Advance data is from the data warehouse, rather than the Advance application. 

Documents in Advance are stored in the OnBase system. 

If you are only accessing Advance, not other systems like OnBase, then a VPN connection is not required, both from on and off campus connections. 



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