Payroll Self-Service


The Payroll Office hosts a web-based “Employee Self Service” application that allows employees to access and make changes (including opting to receive your pay stubs electronically) to their Payroll and Employee Information documents. These include:

  • Personal Information (addresses, phone numbers, preferred name)
  • Current and Past Employee Payslips
  • Direct Deposit Allocations
  • W-4 Federal & State Tax Withholding elections
  • Annual W-2 tax form

Log into Employee Self Service using your NetID and password.  NOTE: Internet Explorer or Firefox are the recommended web browsers.

From the Main Menu, select Dartmouth Employee Self-Service or Dartmouth Student Self-Service to reveal your options.

Employee Self-Service contains your confidential information. To protect your identity, you must take care to log-out properly once you finish using the system. Be sure to use this log-out process to ensure that the next person using the computer does not have access to your information:

  1. Click Logout (found in Top Right corner of the screen.
  2. Log out of the Dartmouth Web Authentication system.
  3. Exit your web browser to preserve the security of our network and your data.

See Payroll - Employee Self-Service for additional information.


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