midPoint Identity Manager


midPoint is the system that manages the primary name directory at Dartmouth. A record in this directory is created for all students, faculty, staff and alumni at the college, as well as departments, recognized organizations and sponsored individuals. Each entry contains a name, and some identifying information. Records in midPoint are automatically synced with the Dartmouth Name Directory (DND/LDAP) and the Active Directory (AD). The DND and AD are used to validate access to most of Dartmouth’s network services, including but not limited to Blitz, many administrative systems, Library databases and authenticated websites.

Automated processes run hourly to add new employees and students to midPoint, deactivate former employees and students, and update certain pieces of data based on new information in the Banner Student Information system, the Human Resources management system and the Advance Alumni system.

Access to midPoint is limited to Information Technology and Consulting (ITC) Staff with the exception of Account Setup which is accessible by all individuals to set up their account, and to set their password on their account.


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