Duo Token Distribution Policy

Duo hard tokens or Yubikey tokens used for 2 factor authentication are purchased and managed by ITC Duo Administrators.

Who is entitled to a token?

Most users should use their phone(s) for Duo. You can set up multiple phones on an account and the user can select the appropriate device when they need to use Duo. This can include desk phones, cell phones and home phones.

For those users who don't have a Dartmouth issued cell phone, putting the Duo app on their mobile phone, in most instances, doesn't represent a cost to them. If they use their mobile phone for Duo, they can choose to have a notification pushed to the app, or they can choose to receive a call to the phone asking them to press any key for the Duo verification.

If a user will be in a situation where they will not have access to a phone when they need to Duo authenticate, a token that generates pass codes can be set up for their account.

How can I obtain a token or request a replacement? 

ITC will provide an initial token at no cost to the user. If a token has been issued and is lost or broken, a replacement token will need to be purchased at the cost of $20. The replacement token can be obtained at The Dartmouth Computer Store in the basement of the McNutt building. The new token will need to be added to the user's account by the store personnel or the Service Desk before it can be used to authenticate from DUO.

If you need to obtain a replacement token but are not within a commutable distance to campus, please contact The Dartmouth Computer Store: 

Phone: (603) 646-3249

Email: The.Computer.Store@Darmouth.edu


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