EMS: Invoicing




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EMS (Events Management Software)





  1. Click on Billing - Invoices - Invoicing
  2. Note: If you have already done this and Memorized settings, then you can skip steps 3-9 and just click on the Setup drop down list and choose the saved settings that you want to invoice for
  3. Click on Date Range Tab, verify that your department is in the Department field
  4. Click on Buildings tab and choose the appropriate Buildings to invoice for
  5. Click on the Categories tab and choose the appropriate Categories to invoice for
  6. Click on the Statuses tab and choose the appropriate Statuses to invoice for
  7. Click on the Group Types tab and choose the appropriate Group Types to invoice for
  8. Click on the Options tab
    1. Choose the appropriate Header Message for your dept
    2. Choose the appropriate Footer Message for your dept
    3. Only change the check box options if needed
  9. Click Memorize to save these settings for future use, and type in a Name
    1. Only check the box for Public (Available to All Users) if you want anyone that has EMS access to be able to use this invoicing options
  10. Click on Date Range tab, and choose a Starting Date and Ending Date (the dates of the events you want to include)
  11. Click on Generate button
  12. Select All, or select the events you want to Invoice for
  13. Click Preview, to view the invoices before finalizing them if needed
  14. Click Final to finalize them and it will prepare the transactions for the nightly GL Feed.





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