Obtaining a Dartmouth account

Members of the Dartmouth community must have an account to access many of the available technology resources.

For faculty, students and staff, as soon as you become affiliated with Dartmouth, an account is automatically created for you in our identity management system (name directory). When your account is created, your NetID is automatically emailed to your personal email address. Your Dartmouth account allows you access to many resources, such as email, Library resources, and site-licensed software.

If you already have an account and forgot your password, you can reset it at myaccount.dartmouth.edu.

Anyone who is not an active faculty, student or staff but is helping to fulfill the mission of the College would need to get a sponsored account.

In some instances, you may need to request an additional account type if you want to be able to access additional resources. For example, if you want to create a Web site and have it available on the Dartmouth Web server, you will need to request an account on the server named www.dartmouth.edu. Below is a brief listing of the different types of accounts you may need, including a link to additional information about each specific type of account.

  • A Dartmouth account is what controls access to the primary computing resources at Dartmouth, and provides a Dartmouth email (Blitz)account.
  • When students become Alumni their NetID and password remain the same. All Dartmouth Alumni have an account which are maintained and supported by the Alumni Help Desk. 
  • Accounts that allow staff access to Staff Systems and software are set up differently depending upon the system requested.
  • Accounts on public UNIX workstations and Research Computing servers are created, maintained, and supported by Research Computing.



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