Expiration of Dartmouth Accounts

Employee Accounts - Under normal circumstances, employee accounts expire 30 days after termination. Deleting individual email accounts prior to the expiration date is done only at the request of the departing individual, or due to a personnel issue and requested by Human Resources.

ExEmployee Accounts - Once an employee's account is terminated (per above), their account transitions to an ExEmployee account. The account is active for 18 months as an ExEmployee. In this state, the account can only be used to access the Employee Self-Service system which allows them to print their W2s.

Student Accounts - Under normal circumstances, graduating students' email accounts transition to a forwarding only, alumni account 60 days after graduation. For more information please refer to Leaving Dartmouth. Undergraduate students who take time away from the College will have their account expire after 8 terms. Students who resign and students who are separated from the College will have their accounts deactivated immediately. Deleting individual email accounts prior to the expiration date is done only at the request of the departing individual, or at the request of an appropriate Dean.

Expiring Sponsored, Departmental and Organization Accounts - Sponsored, organizational and departmental accounts will expire at the end of the agreed upon period. This allows us to verify that the account is still necessary and the person, department or organization is still active in fulfilling Dartmouth's mission. In order for an account to be extended, a new application must be completed and submitted to the IT Service Desk.

Warning Message - A warning message is sent to all normally expiring accounts 30 days prior to their deactivation date. This gives you time to contact Human Resources, your appropriate registrar's office, your undefined advisor, or your account's sponsor to have your account renewed, if necessary. If you are, in fact, no longer affiliated with Dartmouth, you can use this time to forward important messages to another email account you have established elsewhere.

Auto-Reply Message - When you are getting ready to leave Dartmouth, we recommend you set an auto-reply message on your account that is automatically sent to anyone who sends you mail. This is a good way to inform people that you are leaving or are no longer at Dartmouth, to indicate to whom College-related business messages should be sent in the future, and what your new email address will be. These auto-replies only work until your account is deactivated, unless you are a graduating student.


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