2022 ITC Faculty Survey

2022 ITC Faculty Survey (for A&S/Guarini Faculty)

The Council on Computing and Information, Technology and Consulting issued a technology survey to Dartmouth A&S and Guarini faculty.

The survey was created to gain insight into the faculty’s technology service, support, and consulting needs. Faculty input is highly valued for better understanding and improving the services ITC provides.

The survey began on November 2nd and closed on November 30th. The results of the survey were presented to the Council on Computing during the winter and the are posted in the 2022 ITC Faculty Survey Report.

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2022 ITC Faculty Survey Report

ITC always wants to hear from you. If you have more feedback for us, please visit our feedback page.

About the Survey

Survey Format

The subject areas include: Services, Support, Training, Communications, and General Comments.

Survey Brevity

There were so many questions that we wanted to ask, but we wanted to hear more from you (faculty). The survey was kept short and touched on only a few of the many important things that you may have input. Subsequent surveys will be created as themes emerge.

A Yearly Practice

This is the start of a yearly practice. What we learn from our survey results this year will help us improve the survey for next year and ensure the questions with the most impact will be asked.

Outcomes and Report

The results were reviewed and organized for presentation to the Council on Computing over the winter and a list of themes were generated from the report.

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