Oracle too many redirects

Check bookmarks - all Browsers

Be sure to use the main link to Employee Self-Service

Chrome Browser settings:

  • Click on the Chrome menu icon - 
  • Select Settings


Settings Menu

  • Click on Privacy and security
  • Select Cookies and other site data


Close  the Settings window (x)

Settings from Chrome menu 
select clear browsing data

Advanced tab

select only Cookies and other site data

Cached images and files

All cookies and site data - check to see if any entry for  - remove.

Close Chrome browser and reopen.  Browser will need to be closed to clear the cookies completely.



Select Open Applications Menu (Hamburger)
Select Settings

Select Privacy


Scroll to Cookies and Site Data
Select Manage Exceptions


Address of website - enter:

Save Changes

Select Clear Data...
Select Cookies and Site Data
Cached Web Content




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