Returning to Campus? Here's what you need to know

ITC is providing a checklist for departments and individuals to consider before and during their return to campus.

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What has changed?

  • ITC Service Desk is no longer based in the library.
    • ITC Service Desk staff moved out of Berry Library offices November 2020 to make available temporary office space for faculty and academic departments displaced by the Dartmouth Hall renovations.  
    • Service Desk staff will remain primarily remote but can be available for planned on-site visits as needs arise.
  • Computer Store is still experiencing supply chain issues.
    • Laptop orders are taking up to 4 weeks to fulfill.
  • Network upgrades (wireless and wired) have happened in some buildings and are still ongoing.
  • Phone service moved from Cisco to Jive over the past year, and many people have moved to using softphones (using an app on your computer) while remote.  Poly desk phones may be available but Poly conference room phones need to be ordered and are taking 6 weeks to fulfill.

Important Deadlines and Lead Times for Fall Term

  • Building  opening access schedule - placeholder for schedule, coming soon.
  • June 1, 2021 - announcement of change in re-opening Levels to Less Limited Access
  • July 15, 2021 - If your department needs a Poly Conference Room phone. To order a Poly Conference Room phone, click here to "Request or Update Phone or Voicemail".
  • August 1, 2021 - In order to receive equipment from the Computer Store by start of Fall term, place your order by August 1st. For an equipment consultation, please click here to "Submit a Ticket".

What should I do first?

  • Departmental admins - Need to get an approval from the re-opening committee to determine when their department can return to their offices.
    • Follow the building by building plan
    • Schedule time with the Service Desk for on-site set up assistance.
  • Non departmental admins - Work with your departmental admins to plan move in dates and times
    • Check with your Departmental admin on when assistance will be available for your move in.
    • If you are not available at the time the Departmental Admin has scheduled you can click here to "Submit a Ticket" to request assistance.
  • Plan ahead to test everything including your connectivity before you return - See appropriate Self-help checklist below.


Self-help checklist for department administrators

Do the following items, as it applies to your department.

  1. At home - When you know when your department can start returning to the office, please set up an appointment with the the Service Desk to provide on-site support. Click here to set up an appointment at the "Return to Campus Technology Support Appointment" form.
  2. At office - Test office printer(s) - Does it work? Does it turn on? Print a test page. Check toner and paper levels. If needed,  see this article "Konica Minolta Supplies​​​​​​​" to learn how to reorder supplies.
  3. At office - Do you need a virtual fax number?  If so, see this article to learn how to "Set Up Virtual Fax Number".
  4. At office - Connect to Eduroam in your business area.  If you need to install Eduroam, see this article "Eduroam Installer for Windows and Macs".
  5. At office - Plug into an Ethernet port and get connected to the wired network.
  6. At office - Check your conference room equipment (i.e. conference phones, mics, projectors, flat panels, iPads, etc.), by using it as you normally would to check the functionality of the equipment.
    1. Power on flat panel display/projector to verify there is an image on the screen.
    2. Verify connections are working by routing a source.
      1. Installed computer
      2. HDMI, MDP (mini display port), or VGA connection (laptop or tablet)
      3. Test sound by playing back content (e.g. or recorded video)
    3. What to do if it doesn't work?
      1. Click here to request help at the "A&S Classroom AV - Report a Problem" form.
  7. ITC is checking AV systems and portable equipment in these rooms:
 Building  Room(s)  Building  Room(s)
 37 Dewey  101  Kemeny  004, 006, 007, 008, 105, 108, 210
 Anonymous  114, 314  LSC  100, 105, 200, 201, 205
 Baker  213, 234  McCulloch  B024
 Bartlett  105, 105a  Moore  B03, Filene, 110, 150, 202
 Berry  277, 370, 371  Rockefeller  001, 002, 003, 208, 209
 Blunt  G007, Winship  Silsby  028, 113, 119, 213, 215, 310, 312
 Carpenter  013, 201c, 201f  Steele  006, 007
 Carson  L01, L02, 60, 61, 214, 312  Thornton  101, 102, 103, 105, 106
 Dartmouth   offline  Wilder  102, 104, 111, 115
 Fairchild  008, 021, 101, 213, 221  Wilson  205, 219
 Haldeman  028  VAC  001, 104, 230, 301
 Hopkins Center  Lower Buck, Hartman, Faulkner    


Self-help checklist for individuals

Do the following items, as it applies to you.

  1. At home - Connect to VPN (Global Protect) to get all your windows/mac updates before you return to the office.
  2. At home - Take a picture of your peripheral (monitor, dock, keyboard, mouse, etc.) connections so your can replicate the connections when  you have to set up in the office.
  3. At office - Connect to Eduroam. Use eduroam installer to get updated certificate.
  4. At office - Plug into an Ethernet port and get connected to the wired network.
  5. At office - Turn off VPN if not needed for restricted resources (since you will already be on a secure Dartmouth network in the office).
  6. At office - Phones
    1. If using a handset, verify it’s configured with your number and test it.
    2. If you want a handset and don’t already have one, order ahead.
    3. Click here to "Request or Update Phone or Voicemail​​​​​​​".
  7. At office - Setup computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, dock, and other peripherals. Verify functionality.

How do I schedule help?

  • Work with your Department admin to know when scheduled on-site help for your Department will be available.
  • ITC would appreciate having 5 business days notice to receive on-site technology equipment set up assistance.
  • Call the Call Center at 1(603) 464-2999 or Toll Free 1(855) 764-2485
  • Click here to "Submit a Ticket" to your Service Desk Support Team.


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