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Procurement Services is implementing a new contract management system from Agiloft.  The Agiloft contract management system will manage contracts for the purchase of good and services.  Contract types that are outside the scope of the new system include employment contracts, sponsored project subawards, and technology transfer contracts.

Project Timeline

Who can use Dartmouth's contract management system?

  • Agiloft will be available to active faculty and staff.  Students who need to initiate a contract with Procurement should work through their contact at Collis Center for Student Involvement.

How do I access Agiloft?

  • Go to Dartmouth Contract Management System and log in using Single Sign-on (SSO). Until further notice, please note that the System is not currently live, and any data in the System is for demo and testing purposes only.

How do I learn more about the process to purchase a good or service?

How do I request help on Agiloft?

Why does Dartmouth need a contract management system?

The purpose of the system is to increase control over and transparency of contractual rights and obligations pertaining to the purchase of goods and services by the College from outside parties, in order to facilitate effective contract management across the campus.

Objectives of the project include:

  1. Increase transaction velocity without increasing exposure
  2. Standardize contracting process through automation
  3. Improve transparency and reporting

Major elements of the system are:

  1. Central repository for procurement contracts
  2. Automated contract lifecycle workflow
  3. Database of key contract data

There are two license types within Agiloft: End User and Power User.

There are five permission groups.  Depending on the use case, a single user may be a member of more than one permission group.

  • Contract Requester (End User license)
  • Department Administrator (End User license)
  • Approver (Power User license, floating)
  • Contract Manager (Power User license, assigned)
  • Legal Specialist (Power User license, assigned)


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