Install Microsoft Office for Macintosh



Students, faculty and staff can install a subscription version of Microsoft Office on their computer following the steps below. Using this method, Microsoft Office will remain fully functional as long as you have an active Dartmouth student, faculty, or staff account. When your account transitions to an alumni account or becomes inactive, you will continue to be able to use the Microsoft Office suite of products, but with limited read-only functionality. If you need to create a new file or edit an existing one after your Dartmouth account transitions, you will need to purchase Microsoft Office.

You can use these steps to install Microsoft Office on up to five different computers.

  1. Un-install any previous versions of Microsoft Office before beginning this process.
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to the Dartmouth O365 Web Portal:
  3. If necessary, log in with your Dartmouth credentials.
  4. On the upper-right of the page, click on the "Install Apps" dropdown, then select "Microsoft 365 Apps" and the Office installer will download to your computer.
  5. You can dismiss the pop over window "Get Started with Microsoft 365" by clicking "Got It."
  6. Double-click the Microsoft_Office_xxxxx_installer.pkg file to open the installer window, and then double-click the Office Installer to begin the installation.
  7. Follow the steps. When prompted, enter your computer password, and click OK.
  8. The installation will then begin and when completed you will see "The installation was successful." Click Close.
  9. After the installation completes, the Microsoft Setup Assistant will launch automatically.
  10. You will need to activate your software installation by signing in to Office 365.
  11. When asked for your E-mail address, fill in <your NetID>
  12. Enter your Dartmouth NetID, password, and Duo to authenticate.
  13. Microsoft AutoUpdate may check for Office 2016 program updates. Install any available updates that are presented. Updates will automatically download and launch, follow the instructions and select the default options.

Microsoft Office Updates

Microsoft AutoUpdate for the Macintosh, which comes with Office, keeps your Microsoft software up to date automatically. There is no need to search for critical updates and information; AutoUpdate delivers them directly to your computer. However, you can also use AutoUpdate manually when you want to check for updates.

  1. From the Help menu, click Check for Updates.
  2. If you see a list of available updates, click the box next to the updates that you want to install and click Install.
  3. When prompted, enter the user name and password for an account that has administrator privileges on your computer.



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