Zoom is a web-based video conferencing application which allows you to connect and collaborate from anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Zoom users can use in-meeting features to collaborate on projects, share screens and annotations, chat and work in breakout rooms and record sessions locally and in the cloud. Zoom offers high quality video and audio and screen sharing from your desktop or laptop computer (Windows and Mac), mobile devices (iOS and Android), phone, and other conferencing platforms such as H.323/SIP. You can schedule an online meeting for the future or start an instant meeting and you can invite non-Dartmouth participants to your Zoom meetings.


To activate your Zoom account:

Go to https://dartmouth.zoom.us click Sign in and enter your Dartmouth NetID and password. Once this step is completed your account is activated. Bookmark this webpage. This is where you will sign into your account and access other resources.


Available to:

  • Faculty, Staff, Students