OneDrive is for personal file storage and collaboration and sharing of documents with members of the Dartmouth community. You can create, edit, and synchronize files securely from your devices(s) to cloud-based storage. Each user at Dartmouth has a minimum of 5TB of storage. It is available via a web browser or via a desktop folder from both on campus and off.

Creating a OneDrive folder on your computer, then storing all your files there, ensures that those files are available to you from any device connected to the Internet. So, if your computer is lost, stolen, broken or forgotten, you can still have access to your files. 

If you need to work while not connected to the Internet, OneDrive allows you to do that as a copy of the files is stored on your computer. Then, the next time you're connected to the Internet, those files will be automatically synced to the storage space in the cloud and will then be available to you from any device connected to the Internet. 

Available to:

  • Dartmouth faculty, staff and students