Your Dartmouth personal calendar can be accessed in a variety of methods:

  • Sign into and click on the calendar icon.
  • Through an email client such as Outlook for Windows or Mac when your Dartmouth account is configured in this client.
  • On a mobile device or tablet when your Dartmouth account is configured on the device.

You can share your Dartmouth personal calendar with other members of the Dartmouth Community. Here are some things to remember:

  • Default sharing on all calendars is to see free|busy
  • To give a specific person other permissions to your calendar, you need to get to the calendar permissions or sharing, add the individual from a look up, then assign permission or sharing levels to the individual. These levels may vary in title between BWA, an email client or app on a mobile device, but are generally defined as:
    • Can view when I'm busy
    • Can view titles and locations
    • Can view all details
    • Can edit
    • Delegate
  • Delegate permission options are generally defined as:

    • Can edit to give the delegate permission to make changes to your calendar.
    • Can deliver meeting requests to the Delegate so they will receive meeting requests and respond on your behalf.
    • Can allow or restrict the Delegate to see private appointments on your calendar.
  • Outlook for Mac cannot open another user’s calendar when the user’s Calendar folder permission level is set to Free/Busy. To open a shared calendar in Outlook for Mac, the user must grant you permissions of Reviewer or higher.

  • Many problems we encounter regarding calendar data is traced back to people using more than one device to maintain data on their calendar.  It is best practice to use mobile devices (iPhones and other smartphones, iPads and tablets) as calendar VIEWERS only.

Available to:

  • Dartmouth faculty, staff and students