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Support for system access, account creation and management including password resets and sponsored accounts.

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Dartmouth NetID

Services relating to accounts, authentication, access, role-based provisioning, etc.

A Dartmouth NetID is a unique 7 character sequence of letters and numbers that identifies an account. Dartmouth faculty, staff, students automatically have a netid created for them when they are hired or matriculate as a student. Alumni retain the netid they had as a student. There can be only one netid per person so if a person transitions out, then back into the college at a later date, the original netid will be reactivated and used for the account.

New netid's for non-person accounts, or people who do work for the college but are not staff nor students, need to request an account.

Two-Factor Authentication using Duo

Use Duo to sign in using something your know (your netid and password) and something you have (a mobile device, token or passcode).

Services (7)

Fix Conflicting Google Account

Request assistance with resolving issues related to conflicting Google accounts

Request Access to Student Org Account

Authorized individuals may request access to their Dartmouth organization account

Request/Remove Access

Request Access or removal of access to Dartmouth Services that are restricted

Reset (Unlock) Account

Request assistance to unlock or reset a password or security questions on a shared account

Canvas: Request Guest Account for Canvas Access

Create a limited use account for Guest access to Canvas

Single Sign-on Integration

Integrate an application with Dartmouth SAML provider.

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