Dartmouth Box Storage Transition - DartBox is Expiring October 13, 2019

Due to changes imposed by Box in the terms of our agreement, Dartmouth will no longer be able to offer Box after October 12, 2019

Things to know for the migration

  • ITC has a tool to help you migrate data.  We will communicate with Box users about your migration options.
  • In the meantime, please verify your data to be migrated.
    • Log into your account: https://dartmouth.box.com.
    • Please delete any files you do not want migrated.  This will reduce the cost and length of the migration.

Please fill out the Box Migration Project form to indicate the following:

  • You no longer need your Box data.
  • You have data in Box that you will migrate yourself.
  • You have data in Box that you would like assistance in migrating.

Important Notes

  • Link sharing of Box data will not work after October 12, 2019:
    • For data shared via Box link.
    • For data shared via link on a website.
  • The following will not be moved:
    • Version history
    • Files you have deleted in Box
    • Box Notes
    • Comments in Box Notes
  • After your Box data is migrated, you will no longer have access to Box.

Suggested Storage Options

  • Dartmouth will be offering an Enterprise version of Dropbox as an option to store your data.  
  • We are aligning Dropbox as an Academic Tool for Students and Faculty.
  • The suggested storage solution for Staff is Google Drive.
  • Google Drive - For Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Dropbox - For Students, Faculty and Staff

Migration Timeline

  • 9/13: Data migration begins
  • 9/20: Dropbox Soft Launch and Single Sign-on (DUO) Implemented
  • 9/27: Last chance for letting ITC know that you need help migrating your Box data
  • 10/12: Deadline for Box users to migrate their own data
  • 10/13: No Further Box Access

I still have questions!

Thank you for your support,

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Office of IT, Geisel School of Medicine
Thayer School Computing Services
Information Technology at Tuck School


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