Can No Longer Edit or Add New Sections in OneNote 2016 for Windows

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Cannot Edit or Add any new Sections in OneNote  OneNote Error – “This section can’t be edited because it’s in an archive format.  Click here to enable editing.”


This article applies to OneNote 2016 running on Windows 10 that are saved in OneDrive


This is because the OneNote Notebook is in read-only and happens when the local location no longer can sync OneNote Notebooks and are saved in OneDrive.


  1. To fix this in the OneNote Client, open your list of OneNote Notebooks
  2. Right click the Notebook that is giving you this error and choose properties
  3. Click Change Location
  4. Choose another location, ex.  Create another folder in your local onedrive and select that folder
    1. You will now see the syncing bar
  5. Click Okay

You can also open the OneNote Notebook by going to

  1. Click OneNote
  2. Navigate to the file you would like to fix and open it (It will be opened on the OneNote Online version)
  3. Click Open in OneNote
  4. Make sure OneNote 2016 is listed then click the Link
  5. This will now save the notebook in the which creates a “link” to the portal
    1. Note, you can still open and edit locally but it will autosave to the cloud automatically.




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