Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Rollout with Duo

What is Duo?

Duo is a two-factor authentication (2FA) service that can be integrated with websites, VPNs and cloud services. The Duo service can work with smartphones, personal computers, land lines and security tokens.

Two-factor authentication increases the security of online communications by making it harder for someone to masquerade as an authorized user. Duo's authentication factors are something the user knows (username and password) and something the user possesses (a device). Someone may be able to steal or guess the username and password but without verification from the user's device, they will not be able to use the login information.

Duo offers the following two-factor authentication options:

  • One-tap authentication using Duo’s mobile app

  • One-time passcodes (OTP) generated by Duo’s mobile app

  • One-time passcodes delivered to any SMS-enabled phone

  • Phone call-back to any phone

  • One-time passcodes generated by an OAuth-compliant hardware token

  • TouchID (currently available on new Macs using the Chrome browser)

In the near future, all Dartmouth services will be protected by Duo's 2FA, so you will be using Duo more often as a method of secure access.

How do I enroll in Duo?
To enroll for a Duo account, go here.

Project Details

  • On 04/30/19, the GlobalProtect VPN service was migrated to utilize Duo’s 2FA

  • On 05/13/19, BWA/Office365 will be migrated to utilize Duo's 2FA

  • Between 07/15/19 and 07/24/19, all Dartmouth services will be migrated to utilize Duo's 2FA

    • The migration schedule for individual services can be found here

  • 2FA will be used for all Dartmouth systems upon completion of project

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