Instructional Centers

Dartmouth has one Instructional Center that faculty or staff can reserve for teaching hands-on classes:

37 Dewey Field Road (DFR) Instructional Center (Macintosh and Windows)

To reserve the 37 DFR Instructional Center, send an email to For other questions about the Instructional Center, contact Barbara Knauff via email at or phone at 603-646-0786.

This Instructional Center is located in room 101 of 37 Dewey Field Road. This center currently contains 20 Apple iMacs. All of these computers are running Macintosh OS X 10.12 and Windows 10. When you first start the computer you are prompted to select the operating system you want. Projection is available for the screen of the instructor's workstation. The key for this room is in the Classroom Technologies Services Office located in Room 10 of 37 Dewey Field Road and can be picked up by those who have reserved the room. The Macintosh OS has these applications installed. The Windows OS has these applications installed.

To request additional software be added or updated on the computers maintained by ITS, send an email message to

People who would like software added to the Instructional Center computers need to provide at least two weeks lead time prior to having the software installed. If it is a commercial product, proof of ownership of the software will need to be provided for the number of machines involved.

Software will not be installed on a single computer for a single user.



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