Connecting to an FTP Server


The server named provides directories for the exchange of files between machines located on the Dartmouth campus and machines located on other networks. To connect to the server, enter the following information:

  1. Host Address:
  2. User ID: anonymous
  3. Password: <your e-mail address>, e.g.,
  4. Directory: (leave blank)
  5. Be sure to select raw data or binary, not ASCII or text when transferring files to servers.


All centrally maintained Dartmouth servers require the secure FTP protocol (SFTP) for connections.

Macintosh Users: Fetch, an FTP program developed at Dartmouth (now licensed to Fetch Softworks) for Macintosh users. It is available for download free of charge for Dartmouth users; see Software Downloads for Macintosh. For more information about using Fetch see Using Fetch.

Windows Users: Dartmouth licenses a program called SSHSecureShell for Dartmouth users; see Download and Install SSH Secure Shell.

There are many other FTP programs that can be used as well.

For connections to all servers, leave the port setting to its default (21).

Other machines may be available for FTP access, but their use is generally restricted to owners' accounts, and they are not generally used as public or private transfer points between users.

Additionally, some web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox can be used to connect to FTP servers (older versions of Safari cannot). For example, in the field where the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is entered, enter to connect to the server using the FTP Protocol.


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