Getting your Computer Ready



Minimum Computer Requirements

As an incoming student, one of the first technology questions you'll need to answer is: What computer will I use while I am at Dartmouth?

Every Dartmouth student is required to have a personal computer that meets the specifications listed below. You may bring a computer you already have, or purchase a new computer. Please complete the mandatory computer survey by July 20 to verify that you will have a computer that meets Dartmouth's requirements before your first term starts.

 Mandatory Computer Survey

Minimum Computer Requirements

Windows or Mac computer that meets the minimum hardware specifications below. Chromebooks do not meet the computing requirement at Dartmouth.

Macintosh Computers

  • Hard Drive Size: 256 GB or more
  • Memory (RAM): Minimum - 8 GB, Recommended - 16 GB
  • Operating System: macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher

Windows Computers

  • Hard Drive Size: 256 GB or more
  • Memory (RAM): Minimum - 8 GB, Recommended - 16 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home or higher
Already have a computer and need help finding your computer's specifications?

What are my Computer Specifications?

Order a Computer

Considering a new computer?

The Computer Store is here to help with a wide selection of computers and accessories to fit your every need. Purchase your computer from The Computer Store for: educational discounts, warranties, pre-installed Dartmouth software, on-campus repairs, and a loaner while your computer is in for repairs. Note: New computers may take several weeks to arrive. Make sure to order by July 20 to receive the computer in time for the start of Fall term.





Getting Help

If you have questions about the minimum requirements or our packages after you receive your NetID, contact the Incoming Student Computer Hotline:

Message Us

Want to buy a computer? Email about purchasing a computer or accessories.

Message Us

Call us

Call the Incoming Students Hotline with questions about computers and packages we offer.

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If your computer is in need of hardware repairs, submit one of the requests on our Services Portal

On-Campus Repairs

Off-Campus Repairs

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