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Passwordless SSH login to research servers

.  This limits the usefulness to short jobs, and in particular it cannot be used to submit jobs to the Discovery scheduler.   Windows PuTTY (domain-joined client) In the configuration menus

Project Request Data Definitions

After saving the initial project request form, you will be able to include files for review along with your submission.  These may include RFQ, RFI, RFP documents, quotes, and/or white papers in support of your discovery work.

How to launch research software applications (Matlab, Stata, R, Mathematica) on Andes and Polaris high-performance linux machines (HPC's)

         $ spss        $ sas Note: to use the "Discovery" HPC, there are extra steps involved to create a "batch submission" script.  See

Devices Supported on the Dartmouth Network

discover each other. We cannot reconfigure the network to allow Bonjour/mDNS or Broadcast Discovery of devices. If your device supports the eduroam network, please remove or otherwise have your

Service and Solution Lifecycle - Overview

This article describes the lifecycle of an approved ITC project that results in a solution as a service or part of a service. Project Lifecycle and Project Governance are key aspects of Project

GreenPrint Printer Locations

Where are the Printers? You can find printers located across campus using the interactive map. To view the printers, you will need to show the "GreenPrint" from the layers menu. Click on

What Is A Safe Linux Password?

DetailsYour initial password, and subsequent resets made by a system administrator, will be a combination of your Dartmouth ID number and a random set of characters that will be emailed to you. You

Known Issue: Dell 7490 Bitlocker Missing TPM

Issue An issue was discovered where certain models of Dell Laptops (primarily model 7490) could encounter an issue where the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is not recognized by the Windows Operating

Improving your Zoom connection

Sometimes the video or audio in Zoom call gets distorted or drops Table on Contents Use the best Internet connection you can Mute your microphone when you're not speaking Stop your video

How to mitigate Zoombombing

What is Zoombombing? Zoombombing is when a malicious actor joins an unrestricted Zoom meeting and interrupts the proceedings, often by screen sharing offensive content. Most course and campus

GlobalProtect Linux VPN Client Installation

Linux users can download and install the GlobalProtect VPN client or choose to use another VPN client that supports IPSEC tunnels.  One standard client that supports connecting to GlobalProtect is the

DartFS Snapshot Retention is Changing

Snapshots are the backups for DartFS.  The standard policy has been to keep the 6 most recent monthly snapshots.  By Friday December 17, 2021 we will have reduced that to keeping the 3 most recent

Diversity Recruitment Sources

Diversity Recruitment Sources Diverse Issues in Higher Education* - print and web only - $375 for 30 days Diverse Issues reaches more than 150,000 readers in print and digitally. All Diverse

Zoom Security and Privacy Settings

Recommended Meeting Settings for Zoom ITC recommends the following Meeting Settings to increase the security and privacy of your Zoom meetings and Zoom recordings: Security Settings for Class

Faculty Technology Survival Guide

Developing and adding skills to your technology toolbelt can help you deliver your content and engage with students that may have unforeseen absences and needs at the start of term. The purpose of