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SAS at Dartmouth

) Server licenses available for a charge SAS is not available for MacOS SAS is installed on the Research Computing shared-access Linux servers and Discovery cluster, and available to all users on

Long running jobs (rcdetach)

Keeping DartFS credentials alive When you login to a Research Computing system (e.g. Discovery, Polaris, Andes) you get a 10 hour credential to access your DartFS storage.  That is your home

Running Jupyter Notebook on High Performance Computing systems

environment. This comes with a number of steps: STEP 1 - Creating (or using) an "Anaconda" or Jupyter-enabled Conda environment Perform these steps on one of our HPC systems - e.g. Discovery

How to launch research software applications (Matlab, Stata, R, Mathematica) on Andes and Polaris high-performance linux machines (HPC's)

         $ spss        $ sas Note: to use the "Discovery" HPC, there are extra steps involved to create a "batch submission" script.  See

Project Governance

submitted to ITC are subject to review and approval.  Project requests will move as follows. Request Through the discovery phase of the project request and in consultation with ITC, a

Migrating an AFS home directory to DartFS

Background New home directories for Research Computing servers are in DartFS.  When you have a DartFS home directory you can login to all of our systems (Discovery, Polaris, Andes, etc.) using

Create a keytab file for automated access to DartFS

been changed. The Research Computing Linux systems named Polaris, Andes and Discovery have everything you need.  You likely already have an account on them and can login to any one of them with


can connect to remote servers that have the FastX software installed.  These include Andes, Polaris, and Discovery.  Licensing is by number of concurrent connections. Official documentation for

Passwordless SSH login to research servers

.  This limits the usefulness to short jobs, and in particular it cannot usefully be used to submit jobs to the Discovery scheduler.   Windows PuTTY (domain-joined client) In the

Project Request Data Definitions

After saving the initial project request form, you will be able to include files for review along with your submission.  These may include RFQ, RFI, RFP documents, quotes, and/or white papers in support of your discovery work.

Storage Guidelines

Purpose research data storage solution - Storage for any data sets with collaboration and/or high performance computing (HPC/Discovery/Andes/Polaris) needs  Granite for Secure research Purposes - secure

Devices Supported on the Dartmouth Network

network by IP address or hostname. They cannot, however, automatically discover each other. We cannot reconfigure the network to allow Bonjour/mDNS or Broadcast Discovery of devices. If your

Service and Solution Lifecycle - Overview

This article describes the lifecycle of an approved ITC project that results in a solution as a service or part of a service. Project Lifecycle and Project Governance are key aspects of Project

GreenPrint Printer Locations

Where are the Printers? You can find printers located across campus using the interactive map. To view the printers, you will need to show the "GreenPrint" from the layers menu. Click on

Dartmouth Guidelines for Responding to Doxxing

any unauthorized physical access or incidents, such as trespassing, stalking, or the discovery of threatening notes.         Academic Consequences: Explain how the incident has affected your