FileMaker 19 Upgrade

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Please click the "Filemaker Survey" button on the right to let us know how you would like to proceed.

You will be asked to do the following:

  1. Identify the database(s) you use or own.
  2. Tell us how you would like to proceed with the upgrade if at all.
    • If you choose to opt-out of Dartmouth's FileMaker hosting service, ITC can provide you with a copy of your database(s) if required.
  3. If you are requesting an upgrade, verify that your computer is enrolled in Device Assurance Program (DAP).
    • To determine your computer's enrollment status in DAP, please see this article.
    • If your computer is not enrolled in DAP, please see the following articles for enrollment instructions:
  4. if you are a database owner, schedule a migration date for your database(s).

If you do not submit this form before March 8, 2021, you will lose access to your hosted database. You may request to have a copy of your database returned to you before it is removed from the servers.

What happens after I submit the survey?

Filemaker Survey


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Thu 2/11/21 9:15 AM