Move Phone to Jive

Dartmouth is moving its phone service to Jive - a cloud-based telephone provider. We will be replacing all phones - desk, conference, lobby, classroom - as part of this project. 

The new service provides several different ways in which you can access your phone:

  • A physical desk phone;
  • The GoToConnect Mobile app on your smartphone (iOS or Android);
  • The GoToConnect Desktop application on your computer;
  • The web site;
  • Or any combination of these.

The software-based phones (GoToConnect Mobile and GoToConnect Desktop) offer functionality that the physical desk phones do not provide. This includes:

  • Location Flexibility - your office phone is mobile so you can make/receive calls anywhere;
  • Text Messaging - send text messages from your Dartmouth phone number;
  • Dartmouth Directory Integration - call or text someone using their name rather than searching for their phone number;
  • Real-Time Visibility - know when the person you're calling is not on another call; 
  • Reclaim Desk Space - free up space on your desk;
  • Separate Personal from Work - give people you're working with your Dartmouth number to call, so when your call phone rings, you know whether it's someone calling your personal number or your work number. 

Available to:

Dartmouth faculty and staff

See for more information.