ITC Service Improvement

ITC is always seeking to improve the services it delivers to the Dartmouth community.  But we can't fix it if we don't know it's a problem!

Current survey

  • The raffle is closed.
  • The winners of the current raffle are:
    • Sarah Westney - Hopkins Center for the Arts
    • Daniel Justynski - Real Estate Office
    • Donna Hill - Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures

What we learned

Requested Improvement Total
I'd like to understand what software is available to me. 21
I'd like to understand which software is best for my use. 10
I'd like to understand how the Dartmouth Services Portal can help me. 10
I'd like to know how to use technology to be more efficient. 10
I'd like training on the software I use at Dartmouth. 8
I'd like to learn how to be more self-sufficient with my technology. 8
I'd like ITC to communicate technology changes better. 6
I'd like to learn how to incorporate technology into course content. 2
Communication Channel Total
Vox Daily 23
Email 14
Word of Mouth 12
ITC Support Consultant 8
DartPulse 4
Posters fliers etc 3
Dartmouth ListServ 2
Training Requested Total
Microsoft Tools 6
OnBase 5
Google Tools 5
Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration Tools 4
Canvas 4
Other Collaboration Tools 3
Employee Self-Service Tools 2
Gmail 1
Dartmouth Services Portal 1
Banner/DartHub 1


Thu 10/24/19 8:38 AM
Sat 11/2/19 1:45 PM