Why don't PDF documents open with Adobe Reader on my Mac?


How-to Change the Default Application for PDFs on a Mac


You can change the default application used to open PDF documents using the steps below. Before you being, please ensure you have Adobe Reader installed. For information on how to install Adobe Reader, please see the Related Article to the right.


  1. Locate any PDF document stored on your computer
  2. Press and hold the "control" key on your keyboard, then click on the PDF document
  3. Click Get Info in the pop-up menu
  4. Expand the "Open With" section of the Info window if necessary
  5. Click on the dropdown menu underneath "Open with:" and click Other...
  6. Click on Adobe Arcrobat Reader DC in the Applications folder, then click Add
  7. Click Change All... in the Info window
  8. All PDFs should now open with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC


Sample image of Get Info window with Change All... button






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